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Administering the Online Measures

All of the math and multiple choice reading comprehension tests were designed to be taken online. If there are not enough computers for students to take the test online, then the measures can be downloaded and taken in paper format. Because the computer will automatically score the test and graph the results, there are no answer keys. In order for the test to be scored, you will have to log on and enter the students' responses for each question. This way, all of the data will get into the system.

1. Students type in their teacher’s username, select their name from a drop-down list, and choose the test they will be taking that day.
2. The computer loads the test automatically and scores the answers as the student provides them. As soon as students have finished the test their scores appear on the teacher report pages.

Considerations for Online Test Administration

1. Before students begin their tests, teachers need to check that they have selected their correct name from the drop-down list. If they choose someone else’s name, students can be directed to go ‘back’ and select their own name.
2. During the test, teachers are directed to walk around the room to monitor for cheating and to help ensure a quiet and appropriate testing environment.
3. Teachers are to note if a student’s IEP allows them to have accommodations during testing, those accommodations are to be provided when they are taking the easyCBM®
4. During the math tests, we recommend students should not use a calculator (unless their IEP stipulates this as an accommodation) but they should have scratch paper available during the test.
5. If a district policy encourages calculator use, of course, then teachers may be asked not to follow this recommendation.
6. If students run out of time, the computer remembers where they left off and returns them to the same item when they log back on to the site.

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